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PDF to Excel Converter 7.4

This application is a solution for converting PDF files to Excel format

This application is a solution for converting PDF files to Excel format. With this program, you are able to transfer the entire content of a PDF document or just a part of it to one or multiple spreadsheets.

The program comes with a neat and user-friendly interface that offers an ability to convert the PDF content by using one of the four distinctive modes. The first module is intended for transcoding a single PDF document into Excel format. Once the source file is loaded, a new window opens in order to enable set ups. With this occasion, you have the ability to select the pages you wish to convert, as well as the output extension. If your PDF file contains both text and images, you can select the type of content to be transferred into the target file. For security reasons, you may set a password to protect the Excel document which is about to be created.

The second module is designed for processing PDFs in batches. This section helps you create distinctive Excel files out of multiple PDF documents. However, if you wish to merge several PDFs into a single spreadsheet, you need to select the third module which is specifically designed to perform such a task. What differentiates this program from other tools alike is the fourth function that allows you to append the content of a PDF document to an existing Excel file. This is a valuable feature since it enables you to add selections from multiple PDF sources to an already created Excel document.

To sum up, this converter is not limited to the classic PDF to Excel converting procedure where one document corresponds to a distinctive file. It rather provides several ways to complete the conversion; this way you reach faster to a final Excel file, without complementary tools for merging or appending the content.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use
  • Lets you convert selections of a PDF document
  • Allows you to set password protection to the target file
  • Can merge several PDFs into a single Excel file
  • Can append the PDF content to an existing spreadsheet


  • If you intend to use this app just for the classic 'one PDF to single Excel file conversion', the price will be high for you
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